Nearby Development

Hyde Park Luxury Condos & Houses are located right ACROSS from the University of Chicago and by the Obama Presidential Center under development. We are as close to the center of campus as possible, & in the middle of an exciting development corridor.  The University of Chicago has invested over $2 Billion within a few blocks of our location over the past few years, and much more private, public, & University investment is either underway or planned for the near future. The replacement of under-utilized properties with well-designed, high quality, vibrant educational & commercial developments in all directions bodes well for the development & increase of both area amenities & property values in the near future.


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University of Chicago: Selected Completed & Planned Developments

The University of Chicago is in the midst of aggressive expansion/development. Because the University has stated a desire to deliberately build a concentrated community about its main campus & due to the fact most of their available properties are in "South Campus," much of this development is located near Hyde Park Luxury properties. The University of Chicago Police Patrol Area was extended south, & area schools (Law School & Law Library, Harris School of Public Policy, SSA, Chicago Press, etc) have been joined by new developments including:


  • Obama Presidential Center on 62nd Street & Stony Island 
  • NEW Jewel OSCO grocery story & pharmacy on 61st Street and Cottage Grove
  • The Study Hotel on 60th Street
  • 1,400 student UChicago Dorm on 61st Street & University
  • $700,000 - $768,000 houses on 61st Street & Ellis
  • Rubenstein Forum on 60th Street & Woodlawn
  • $30 Million University of Chicago Police Headquarters / Office Building / Parking (61st Street & Drexel)
  • $114 Million Logan Center for the Visual & Performing Arts (Cafe, 2 elevated lounges, classrooms, auditoriums, theater, exhibition/performance space, box office)
  • $165 Million 61st Street & Ellis Avenue Dorm (largest on campus), Restaurant, Midway Market, Subway Restaurant
  • $44 Million Chicago Theological Seminary
  • $30 Hyde Park Day School (62nd-63rd Street & Ellis)
  • 6045 South Kenwood University Office Building Renovation
  • Recent renovations: SSA, Law School, University of Chicago Press Building
  • South Campus Athletic Field/Facility
  • $27.5 Million 63rd Street & University-Greenwood University of Chicago Charter High School & Gym


Proposed Future Developments include:

  • Expansion of Law School
  • Upscale 61st Street Booth MBA Student/Faculty Dorm/Stores
  • $270 Million expansion of 59th Street Medical Center


Not only are we located as close to the center of campus as possible, but recent & future developments are making our immediate surroundings more attractive!

Midway Plaisance Enhancements

Due to University of Chicago expansion, the fact that the University now houses more undergraduates south of the Midway than north, & related area improvements, the Midway Plaisance is quickly becomming the middle rather than the southern edge of campus. The University of Chicago & City of Chicago have thus partnered to enhance the Midway Plaisance & pedestrian experience with the following projects:


  • New Ice Skating Rink, Skate Rental, & Cafe
  • New $10 Million Midway Crossings (wide, well-lit pedestrian walkways across the Midway Plaisance Park along Ellis & Woodlawn connecting North & South Campus)
  • New $3 Million Winter Garden (southern portion of Midway Plaisance b/w Ellis & Woodlawn)

Hyde Park Day School

Build and run by The University of Chicago Foundation, a new $30 million home for the Hyde Park Day School recently opened on 63rd Street & Ellis Avenue, two blocks south of the Condos.

$500 Million Barack Obama Presidential Library

The $500 Million Barack Obama Presidential Library will be built in Woodlawn/Jackson Park (62nd Street & Stony Island)

$27.5 Million Universtiy of Chicago Charter High School/Gym

63rd Street & University-Greenwood

650 Students

August 2017 Completion

Meadville-Lombard Theological School/National Education Headquarters

The new Meadville-Lombard Theological School / National Education Headquarters has been proposed to be constructed on 62nd Street and Ellis Avenue.  This would bring another high-quality building, residential & commuter students, & related amenities to the area.

Woodlawn Park

Delapidated Grove Parc projects are being replaced with a transformational $272 Million development; 95,000 sq ft. of retail & high-quality LEED certified "green" mixed-income housing. It was designed to rehabilitate the area immediately southwest of campus between The University of Chicago and the CTA / Green Line. Phase I has been completed, Phase II is almost complete, and the other phases are slated to be completed in late 2016.

Rubenstein Forum

Conference, Workshop, Lecture, & Student center