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Hyde Park Luxury Condos & Single-Family Houses are located ACROSS from the center of The University of Chicago!

Selected Nearby UChicago Buildings & Approximate Distances

  • Law School & Library: ACROSS the street
  • NEW $165 Million Dorm (largest on campus), Restaurant, Subway, Midway Market Cafe & Convenience Store: across the street
  • SSA: .5-1 block
  • NEW $30 Million University of Chicago Police Headquarters / Office Building / Parking: 1.5-2 blocks
  • NEW $114 Million Logan Center for the Visual & Performing Arts (Cafe, 2 elevated lounges, classrooms, auditoriums, theater, exhibition/performance space, box office): 2 blocks
  • Hospitals/Pritzker School of Medicine: 2-4 blocks
  • Harris School of Public Policy/NORC: 2 blocks
  • Social Sciences & Humanities: 2 blocks
  • Middle of Campus (Admin Building, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Quads): 2-2.5 blocks
  • Booth School of Business: 3-4 blocks
  • Physical Sciences: 3-4 blocks
  • University of Chicago Pub (Ida Noyes): 4 blocks
  • New $44 Million Chicago Theological Seminary: 4 blocks
  • New $700 Million Hospital Pavilion: 4 blocks
  • $51 Million Ratner Athletic Center: 5 blocks
  • Court Theatre: 5 blocks

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Midway Plaisance Enhancements

Due to University of Chicago expansion, the fact that the University now houses more undergraduates south of the Midway than north, & related area improvements, the Midway Plaisance is quickly becomming the middle rather than the southern edge of campus. The University of Chicago & City of Chicago have thus partnered to enhance the Midway Plaisance & pedestrian experience with the following projects:


  • New Ice Skating Rink, Skate Rental, & Cafe
  • New $10 Million Midway Crossings (wide, well-lit pedestrian walkways across the Midway Plaisance Park along Ellis, Woodlawn, & Dorchester Avenues connecting North & South Campus)
  • New $3 Million Winter Garden (southern portion of Midway Plaisance b/w Ellis & Woodlawn)