University of Chicago Neighborhoods

Most students & faculty live in 1 of 3 neighborhood clusters.  We want you to pick the best one for your lifestyle & needs.

Black Boundary denotes University of Chicago Campus

South Campus

  • Home of Hyde Park Luxury Condos & Single-Family Houses
  • Closest to Campus
  • Quiet: Home to more graduate students & faculty
  • Near food/cafe/delivery options/Farmers Market
  • Farther from Treasure Island Grocery Store
  • Newer buildings, Larger units
  • More Parking Options

North Campus/Undergraduate Area

  • Louder, rowdier neighborhood
  • Most buildings 80-100 years old & poorly maintained (MAC has a reputation for poor maintenance & tenant relations)
  • More undergraduates
  • Closer to many neighborhood restaurants
  • Closer to campus than East Hyde Park/South Kenwood
  • Parking is limited

East Hyde Park / South Kenwood

  • Farthest from UChicago
    • Regents is 2+ miles, or 20 blocks away from center of campus
    • MAC recently purchased Regents & laid off the staff
  • Most buildings 30-70 years old
  • Some units have lake views
  • Closer to traditional Hyde Park retail options
  • Highest cost per square foot
  • Parking is VERY limited